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Yes!! DW imported everything!!! Thank you so much!!! Now I have to familiarize with the place
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Today I'll try my hand to import the lj entries but really don't know... let's see and see you on the other side.
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At my old age LoL starting over again. Hope to find the same friends here than back there!!! I'll start searching right now
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Oops! Without noticing it's been almost 2 years since I didn't post anything here.
Life sucks. This summarize pretty well everything but I'm looking forward to the year of the Horse, I don't say anything more cause when I hope for something I usually jinx it in the worst possible way.
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So so happy about the anime version! Yes they cut whole sex scenes but with the current new laws in Japan I think it's unavoidable but they kind make it up with kisses and all the feelings displayed

and yes I'm on tumblr, it's the perfect way to lose time searching for cute pictures but it's kind of addictive LoL
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It's the first day of autumn finally!
Winter is coming and frankly I can't wait for it!
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I don't write often, too busy for everything and too many things gone wrong to put up with.
But Xmas is Xmas so I wish all the people I know a Merry Merry Christmas filled with joy, love and all the things they wished for.


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:02 am
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It's not really a good day overall for one of my passion, I truly hope that the riot will be over soon and everything will get back to like it was before, but deep down I doubt it.
Darn! I wasn't planning to be so pessimistic in this post, after so long! XD
So to cheer up a little, one more time I wish a happy birthday to a dear friend, dappu you know you have to lend me your cowboy! XD
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Buon Natale! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Frohe Weihnachten!... e non continuo perchè sarei noiosa ma tanti auguri sinceri di un Natale pieno di serenità e di tutte le cose che desiderate di più.
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The election day is near and for my little town is also a time to choose a new mayor... and my dear friend S just remind of this

and I haven't been able to stop laughing ever since :) naturally is a bittersweet laugh but how great was that man? An absolute genius!

la comida

Apr. 4th, 2009 02:50 pm
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Maybe because I'm hungry and I've only got a tomato and some raw ham slices that I thought with longing at my mother's cooking and as I'm in a evil fool mood I want to share this pic )

Oh My!

Mar. 27th, 2009 04:52 pm
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Such a long time without an update and with so many things happenend in the meantime! Well, I doubt to be able to write regularly but I'll make an effort from today on :)


Feb. 20th, 2008 03:30 pm
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It's not a new couple pairing based on Katekyou Hitman Reborn! (as lately I'm totally hypnotized/absorbed/obsessed with this manga) but my grandfather years! Today it's his birthday and even if he doesn't speak or understand a single word of English and he'll never see this post, it's dedicated to him and as he's cheerful and funny even at his age, a fate I could only hope for, and I have to squee a little on my obsessions too, I'll post this

I crack everytime I saw Gokudera and Xanxus, plus that damned song once it gets in your brain it's impossible to forget!! XDDDD
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As soon as I saw this quiz I couldn't stop myself to take it immediately! My fixation on Katekyo Hitman Reborn it's start to bordering a little too much on the obsessive side, but I couldn't help it! XD
On to the quiz now!

Which Ring Type Suits You? (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

The RAIN RING is best for you!just like Yamamoto, Basil, Squalo and Glo Xinia
Take this quiz!

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Hard time for US television and for us too.
The Writers Guild of America is on strike for a better and equal condivision of profits and I totally support them.
If you don't know what I'm talking about just watch this video
Complete television paralysis is a just a breath away.
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It's quiz time again! And what better time than Halloween to make a "What kind of Monster are you"? And I'm feeling quite satisfied with the result! XD

You Are a Werewolf

You're unpredictable, moody, and downright freaky.
You seem sweet and harmless, until you snap. Then you're a total monster.
Very few people can predict if you're going to be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.
But for you, all your transformations seem perfectly natural.

Your greatest power: Your ability to tap into nature

Your greatest weakness: Lack of self control

You play well with: Vampires
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My gosh! Almost 2 weeks from my last post...
I really can't help being late or not be able to keep my promises, I'm quite disappointed with myself...
Anyway I have to cheer me up a little and I've just found this little piece that will help me wait cheerfully (or at least less gloomly than my usual) for the Xmas holidays. Share the love XD
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Following the good advice of [ profile] elisa_rolle I'm amusing myself with another quiz (I think I'm growing an addiction here XD)
Considering my sign of the Zodiac I'm not too suprised about the outcome ^^

Discover if You are Seme or Uke!
Created by ChiisaiYume on

This is the result if 1/2 Seme, 1/2 Uke! has the highest score.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
How tall are you?

Quiz time

Oct. 15th, 2007 02:48 pm
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Ogled this quiz on [ profile] elisa_rolle journal and it is just the right thing to cheer me up before my rendez vous with the dentist (one of the few times I don't like a man towering over me! LoL)

Which Yaoi Series Are You?

Your series is Haru wo Daite ita (also known as "Embracing Love"), the honorary explicit yaoi series of this quiz. Heralded worldwide for its steamy content and, well, steamy content, Haru wo Daite ita is the story of two AV actors (adult video, a/k/a porn stars) who fall in love after the fact and their twisty-turvy relationship. If you're looking for decent characters, a little plot, and enough fanservice to knock over a bus (they *are* porn stars after all - no need to hold back!), this is the series for you.
Take this quiz!

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Oct. 14th, 2007 03:52 pm
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I'm back! Well almost, I promised to myself to be more present on my journal and to try to post in English to improve my writing skills, my reading skills have no problem thank you very much ^^ (I blame it on the male/male erotica I'm reading lately and also on [ profile] whey who encourages me to read many of those male/male books XD)
Now I'll crawl back into my lair and try to do a little restyling.
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